Help transform the lives of your students
through college scholarships! is an app that matches students to scholarships. Our platform aggregates various scholarship offers from colleges and universities, foundations, companies and institutions.

The app uses each applicant’s personal information to match the student with hundreds of available scholarships. If there is a match, the user is notified, and swiping right will automatically fill out the application using the information provided by the applicant file. The application is saved for editing and adding any additional fields, including essays if one is required.

Become a Partner High School
Help your students maximize their chances of attending a college of their choice by giving them access to hundreds of scholarships on our platform.

Use our platform to gain additional exposure of your high school with college recruiters and enrich your guidance counseling services with our advanced tools that help assess and pre-qualify students for various scholarship offers.

We also provide you with you an insight into your students’ post-graduate college scholarship search and application.
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Scholarship pre-qualification

Your students are assessed through our scholarship matching tool and are matched to various scholarships in our system offered by universities and private companies and foundations.

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Help students reach their goals

Assist your students with scholarship search! Help them discover academic institutions that offer scholarships matched to students’ profiles.

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Our powerful analytics offers you an will enable you to develop deep insight into o n each and everyone of your students, their prospects and their progress.

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Mobile Messaging

Students are notified of new scholarship matches by email and text messages.

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Stand out

Augment traditional college guidance counseling. Offer a unique service to your students, including scholarship counseling and matching. Sign up for our premium service and get your students some extra assistance with reviewing the winning essays.

Get in Touch

Send us Feedback or just say hello is a team of dedicated professionals looking to make finding and applying for scholarships easy. Our app is designed to help students find an easy way to finance for their education.

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