STUDENTS GET SCHOLARSHIPS! is a scholarship matchmaking service and app that makes it easy and intuitive to discover and apply for scholarships across the web.

The app aggregates various scholarship offers from colleges, universities, companies, foundations and institutions available across the web. The apps uses applicants’ personal information to match them with scholarships on the basis of age, grade, GPA, geographic and test score requirements, as well as additional criteria, such as gender, affiliation, race and others.

When there is a match, the user is notified and supplied with the scholarship profile and the information on the scholarship provider, swiping right will automatically fill out the application using the information provided by the applicant.

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Potential candidates are assessed through our matching tool and are matched to your offering. Reach more qualified candidates who engage in an active scholarship search.

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New marketing gateway

Reach new students through scholarship search! Gain exposure and new inquiries from highly qualified students and pre-assess their capabilities early in the admissions cycle!

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Our powerful analytics will enable you gain insight into each candidate. Reach high probability prospects with with the advanced targeting available on our platform.

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Mobile Messaging

Students are notified of new matches by email and text messages which increases your exposure and maximises the value of your offering.

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Student Search

Access unique and pre-qualified leads. View and import complete profiles of the prospects matched according to your criteria and follow up with an additional offer.

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Send us Feedback or just say hello is a team of dedicated professionals looking to make finding and applying for scholarships easy. Our app is designed to help students find an easy way to finance for their education.

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